Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorder



  • How do medications to treat opioid use disorder work?
  • How effective are medications to treat opioid use disorder?
  • What are misconceptions about maintenance treatment?
  • What is the treatment need versus the diversion risk for opioid use disorder treatment?
  • What is the impact of medication for opioid use disorder treatment on HIV/HCV outcomes?
  • How is opioid use disorder treated in the criminal justice system?
  • Is medication to treat opioid use disorder available in the military?
  • What treatment is available for pregnant mothers and their babies?
  • How Much Does Opioid Treatment Cost?
  • Is naloxone accessible?

Publication Date: 6/2018
Format: Resource Guide
Publisher: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Downloadable: Yes, Click Here

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