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Welcome to the VADIC. We’re glad you’re here. This is the home for free information on substance use, prevention, recovery, and behavioral health. All these publications are free to all Vermonters, with free shipping too! Start exploring our many publications by using the menu bar above. Thanks!

The VADIC Team

VT Helplink

VT Helplink is the only statewide, public resource to connect you to the treatment and recovery resources you need.

Their support and referral services are free and confidential. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself, a client, or a loved one, they offer caring and expert support to navigate the Vermont treatment and recovery system.

Welcome to the home of the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Information Clearinghouse (VADIC)

VADIC is a program of The Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. These publications and resources are free to all Vermonters.

VADIC is Supported by a Grant from the Vermont Department of Health, Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs